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Radio Programming Software for B-Tech HTs

All the features of the radio are laid out in an easy to use computer interface. Defaults for memory channels are completed automatically. Other options are arranged by function so you don't miss something when setting up a new feature. RT Systems programmers make radio set up SOOOOOO easy!

The RT Systems programmer is designed specifically for your radio model. No wading through features that do not apply. We work closely with each radio to be sure the program matches it. The programmers help you understand and accurately set up your radio. Easy to use spreadsheet design completes memory channel options automatically. No need to calculate offsets... tones are selected from easy drop down lists so you don't enter an incorrect value... names are typed into a field without having to turn a knob for each letter! Other set menu items are laid out in an easy to access and understand page where you can see all the options related to a feature you're setting up.

RT Systems invented amateur radio programmer. We continue today to make it available for your new radio.

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