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Radio Programming Made Sooooo Easy!

RT Systems has been at the forefront of amateur radio programming software since 1995 when we introduced the first radio programmer for the Yaesu FT-11. Each Programmer has an easy user interface that makes the radio even more understandable. By creating the Programmers, RT Systems changed amateur radio design... today, there isn’t a radio that can’t be programmed from a computer. RT Systems currently offers Programmers for 170 different radio models!

RT Systems programming software takes every option of the radio from the “black box” to the computer screen so you can "see" what you are doing in the radio's memory. Many details are completed automatically with default information. Other details are set by selecting from lists. This creates much less chance of entering wrong data and saves you the trouble of searching for every detail. We own every radio for which we offer programming software (some are antiques now), which allows us to live-test and better understand specific radio features.

In our desire to help hams enjoy the hobby, RT Systems maintains a D-STAR repeater (KDØLUX) in Broomfield, CO. The repeater is open to anyone for general use, testing and experimenting. We utilize it in tech support to test D-STAR settings that might not be working quite as you expected. Our repeater has helped us get beginners on the air in just a matter of minutes.

We are hams working every day to bring more enjoyment to the hobby.