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The IC-706 (Authentic Versions)

The USB-RTS01 cable works as a CAT cable with authentic version of the IC-706 worldwide.

The USB-RTS01 is comparable to the Icom CT-17 cable The IC-706 does not have the ability to be programmed from the computer. This radio is of an age that it was designed before computer programming was developed. The radio lacks that ability and without it, there cannot be an RT Systems programmer to address memory details.

The cable offered here is for use with other software that controls the radio from the computer. Again, that software will not be able to program the memories: it will run the radio while the radio is connected to the computer.

USB-RTS01 Programming Cable USB-RTS01 Programming Cable

USB to 3.5mm stereo plug programming cable. 6' cable length.

Works with many radios.

Cable drivers available for Windows or Mac operating systems.

Price: $30.00

RT-43 RT-43 3.5 mm Stereo M/F Cable (6-ft)

Includes: CT-43
3.5mm Stereo Extension Cable (M/F 6-ft).

For use with any radio that uses a 3.5mm stereo plug for cable connection.

Price: $7.00