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The USB-29B is the RT Systems USB cable designed to properly address the 6-pin mini din data connection that the radio uses for programming. The cable is available here without the RT Systems software.

Remember though, while there are other programs for the FT-7800, there is none as easy as the RT Systems ADMS-2K. Click here for more information about the software that makes programming that radio SOOOOOOO easy.

Now available for either Windows OS or Max OS.

Works with authentic versions of this radio worldwide including the FT-7800M, FT-7800R and FT-7800E.

USB-29B Programming Cable USB-29B Programming Cable

USB to 6-pin mini din plug programming cable. 6' cable length.

Cable works with many radios.

Cable drivers available for Windows or Mac operating systems.

Price: $30.00

RT-44 RT-44 USB to 6-pin mini din extention M/F Cable (6-ft)

Includes: CT-44
USB to 6-pin mini din extension cable (M/F 6-ft).

Price: $7.00