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FT-100 CAT Cable

The USB-62 cable from RT Systems is a USB cable that works with software for the FT-100 to control the radio from your computer. Any software that works through the CAT port of the radio can use the USB-62 cable. The cable sets up a com port that you easily identify on your computer and in the application. This cable is complete from the radio to a USB port on your computer eliminating the need for a USB to serial adapter (which may or may not work for your application).

Control and/or logging software for the radio is available from other sources. RT Systems provides the drivers for the USB-62 cable but not control software.

This radio cannot be programmed from the computer. That function is not a part of the design of the radio.

USB-62 Programming/ CAT Cable USB-62 Programming/CAT Cable

USB-62 Programming/CAT Cable
USB to 8-pin mini din programming/CAT cable. 6' cable length.
Drivers for Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 8 and 8.1 (full version) or Windows 10

We've simplified the notation on this cable to just USB-62. The letters were becoming too confusing. This is another case of the number being the important part of the name.

Buy with confidence knowing that the cable will work with your Yaesu radio... even if we did change the name.

Price: $30.00

RT-40 RT-40 8-pin mini din extension cable (6-ft)

Includes: CT-40 Extension Cable
8-pin mini din extension cable.
6-ft Male to Female

Price: $9.00

RT-47 6-ft USB extension cord RT-47 6-ft USB extension cord

Includes: CT-47
USB Male to USB Female extension cable (M/F 6-ft).

Price: $6.00