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ARRL TravelPlus for Repeaters

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Only $24.65

TravelPlus For Repeaters V17 (2013-2014)
List Price: $24.65

TravelPlus for Repeaters - Version 17

Use the integrated maps and repeater data within TravelPlus to locate repeaters along your travel route. It's like having the power of the ARRL Repeater Directory on your computer.

Then create your radio programming file with only 4 mouse clicks!!! All point and click. No data entry required when working with your RT Systems programmer. Video shows you how

Be Advised about Travel Plus Version 17

This information was published by ARRL on May 23, 2013. We will keep you posted if other information becomes available

The repeater listings that appear in the ARRL Repeater Directory, TravelPlus for Repeaters and TravelPlus GPS are based on information provided annually by volunteer repeater coordinators throughout the United States and Canada. If information about a repeater is not submitted to the ARRL, it is not published.

If a repeater appears to have been omitted from an ARRL product, or if the information that does appear is incorrect, buyers of these products are given this information from ARRL: Please contact the responsible repeater coordinator first. You’ll find a complete list of coordinators in the front portion of the ARRL Repeater Directory and online at

2013/2014 Edition: The CTCSS information for many of the repeater listings in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Mississippi and parts of Virginia is missing from Version 17 of TravelPlus. This error was caused by an omission in the data provided to ARRL by the coordinating body.