Send Data to Radio Fails (European Models Only) IC-7100, IC-9100
This guide may apply in cases where the following are true:

  • You can get data from the radio (click Communications > Get data from radio) with no problems
  • You cannot send data to the radio (click Communications > Send data to radio) - specifically, the radio appears to clone in, but gives an error and resets at the end of the process. The computer does not give an error message.
  • You have the European model of the IC-7100 or IC-9100 radios.
This error may be caused by incorrect band edge settings. The software is set up, by default, with American band edge settings - trying to send these American settings to a European radio will cause an error. To remedy this, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have the most recent software updates.
  2. Open a new file. Click File > New and select your radio model if it gives you a list of installed radios.
  3. Get data from the radio. Click Communications > Get data from radio
  4. Open the radio menu settings. Click Settings > Radio Menu Settings. It is now safe to close the settings window.
  5. Save the configuration by clicking File > Save. Give it an easy to recognize name.
  6. Open or prepare the file you would like to send to the radio.
  7. Open the radio menu settings again. Open the settings file you saved previously by clicking File > Open and select that file. You may now close the settings window.
  8. Try to send data to the radio - it should go smoothly now
If you continue to have problems, or are confused by the instructions, please contact our tech support at the phone number to the left of this page, or at [email protected]