Retevis J9127P Cable
J9131P Programming Cable

Retevis J9127P Cable

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Retevis Cable J9127P
USB to special connection for Retevis RT-82 and TYT MD-2017 DMR radios. 3-ft length

Cable works with electronics built into the radio.
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Retevis J9127P programming cable for DMR radios.

While this cable looks like the Retevis J9131P programming cable, it is VERY different.  The "31" cable has electronics in its head that provide the interface between the radio and the computer.  The "27" cable does not. Those electronics of the "31" cable will interfere with programming the DMR radios with built in interface electronics.  Be sure to use the right cable with your radio to be successful when programming. 

Works with Windows 11.