FTM-350 / FTm-100 / FTM-400 Programmed frequencies do not show on radio.
This same information pertains to the FTM-400 and FTM-100. Customize it for those two radios.

This is an interesting radio. Out of the box it is locked down to Ham Band Only coverage and In Band operations for VFO and Memory channels.

What this means to you...

1) You don't see frequencies in all the bands advertised.

2) You don't see the 2M and 440mHz frequencies that you programmed together on either side of the radio.

What to do..

Two things need to be changed. These changes can be done in the programmer to be sent to the radio with your file or from the face of the radio.

The two options to be changed are: Rx Expansion in the Rx/Tx Group and RX Coverage in the System Group.

In the programmer: Access Settings | Radio Menu Settings | Common tab.

Rx Expansion is found in both of the last two columns. This item is set independently for the Left and Right sides. Be sure to set both for the option to always be available no matter which side you use as main.

Rx Coverage is found in the first column. This item is set once for the radio to use for both the right and left sides. Set this to ALL to include all memory channels regardless of the band.

Save the settings file. You will not have to do this again when programming the radio from the computer.

On the radio:

Press Set (lower button the the left) to access the Set mode.

Rotate the left dial to the System Group. Press the Left dial again to access this group. Rotate the left dial to Rx Coverage. Press the left dial to access this option. Press the left dial to make VFO ready to change. Rotate the left dial to change. Press again and rotate to move to the Memory option. Press the left dial to make Memory ready to change. Rotate the left dial to the All selection for Memory. Press Esc to leave this menu.

Once back at the Set Mode, rotate the left dial to the Rx/Tx group. Repeat the process with the left dial knob to enter the group, find Rx Expansion and change the setting for this option. Press Esc until you are back at the frequency display.

Press the dial to move main to the "other" side from where you are now. Remember, this option affects each side independently and must be set separately for each side.

Repeat the process to enter the Set Mode and access Rx/Tx group. Find the Rx Expansion option and change it for the side you currently have active.