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Other great cables from RT Systems.

RTS-03 Usb to Serial Adapter
RTS-03 USB to serial adapter
Price: $23.00


The RTS-03 Adapter works with RT Systems Version 4 software and the original RT Systems serial cables for radio programming.

RTS-03 adapter forms an RS-232 comport that can be used by other applications. This USB to serial adapter forms a port that allows data to flow properly between decives without interference from its electronics.

Use it whenever the cable from the radio manufacturer comes with a DB-9 connection (packet cables, firmware upgrade cables, CAT cables, etc.).

This adapter WORKS... and you have RT Systems support to help you should you need it.
CT-28B Adapter
CT-28B Adapter Cable
Price: $8.00

Includes: CT-28B
Adapter cable.
CT-27A Cloning Cable
CT-27A Cloning Cable
Price: $8.00

Includes: CT-27A
  Cloning cable.
CT-53 Open-ended 4-pin mic plug
Price: $8.00

Includes: CT-53
Open-ended 4-pin mic plug .
CT-53R Open-ended 4-pin right angle mic plug
Price: $8.00

Includes: CT-53R
Open-ended 4-pin right angle mic plug.
CT-39 Cable
Price: $8.00

Includes: CT-39
  Open-ended 6-pin mini din.
RT-40 8-pin mini din extension cable (6-ft)
Price: $9.00


Includes: CT-40 Extension Cable
  8-pin mini din extension cable.
6-ft Male to Female
RT-41 USB-A to Mini B Cable (6-ft)
Price: $9.00


Includes: RT-41
USB-A to mini USB-B cable (6-ft).

RT-42 USB-A to USB-B 10-Ft Cable
Price: $12.00


Includes: RT-42
USB-A to USB-B cable
10-Ft / Gold Plated Connections
RT-43 3.5 mm Stereo M/F Cable (6-ft)
Price: $7.00


Includes: CT-43
3.5mm Stereo Extension Cable (M/F 6-ft).

For use with any radio that uses a 3.5mm stereo plug for cable connection.

RT-44 USB to 6-pin mini din extention M/F Cable (6-ft)
Price: $7.00


Includes: CT-44
USB to 6-pin mini din extension cable (M/F 6-ft).

RT-45 DB Female to Female (6-ft)
Price: $9.00

Includes: CT-45
DB Female to DB Female cable (F/F 6-ft).

RT-46 DB Female to Female (10-ft)
Price: $10.00

Includes: CT-46
DB Female to DB Female cable (F/F 10-ft).

RT-47 6-ft USB extension cord
RT-47 6-ft USB extension cord
Price: $6.00


Includes: CT-47
USB Male to USB Female extension cable (M/F 6-ft).

RT-49 USB to USB Micro B Cable
Price: $10.00


Includes: RT-49
USB to USB Micro B cable.

USB-PX5 Connection Cable
Price: $15.00

Includes: USB-PX5
USB to 2-pin narrow connection
for radios with built-in USB.
Works with some DMR radios.