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UV-10W LT-25W LT-316
RT Systems Programming System for Luiton Handhelds

Luiton handheld radios are perfect for amateurs with their long-lasting batteries, durable design, and versatile features and functions. These radios are great for the search and rescue, parade, storm chaser, or ragchewing activities you enjoy with amateur radio.

RT Systems has the best system for programming memory channel details and other settings of the radio. The RT Systems software with the RT Systems cable makes a system that is guaranteed to work. The RT Systems interface allows you to navigate through every setting without using your radio’s buttons and knobs. The RT Systems program for your particular radio is tailored to that radio's features to make programming fast, easy and accurate. Cables and software are made right here in the USA and US hams man our tech support line five days a week to answer questions.

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