General Use of RT Systems Programmers



DMR Radio Programming

These videos are offered as general details for features of the DMR style radios. They are based off findings from testing with the AT-D578 but will apply to may other models from Anytone, Alinco, BTech. Features in DMR style radios from TYT, Baofeng, Radioditty, and Retevis vary from what is shown here; however, basic file creation and programming of those radios remain the same.

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Memory Channels and Zone Programming

Some Basic Options of the radio (Anytone DMR and some others)

Scanning Setup for the DMR Radios



Rugged Radio

Programming the RDM-DB radio (The tricks that get everything to work)

Installing Drivers for the RDM-DB (What to do with a No Ports Found error)

Texting with Rugged Radios' Digital Radios (A great new way to communicate)

Getting Started Programming for the M1 (Set it up right the first time!)


External Data Interface