Get the most from your RT Systems Programmer by viewing our easy to follow tutorials.

General Use of the RT System Programmers
General Overview of the RT Programmers (Windows Version using FT60 Programmer)
Copy and Paste in RT System Radio Programming Software
Using Preferences to Customize the Program for easier data entry in Windows Version programmers. (Using ADMS-FT1D Programmer)
Error sending a file to the radio the First time.
Programming Your radio for the repeater on the International Space Station (Applies to Windows and Mac Programmers)

Colors on the DR-735 and other things you may not know about that radio.

DR Memories in the ID-5100. The easy way to enter a list of FM repeaters!
D-STAR Basic Radio Programming
The New D-Star Calculator 2013
The New WCS-7100 Programmer for the Icom IC-7100
Getting the most DSTAR fun from your Icom IC-2200

Rugged Radio
Programming the RDM-DB radio - The tricks that get everything to work.
Installing Drivers for the RDM-DB - What to do with a No Ports Found error.
Texting with Rugged Radios' Digital Radios - A great new way to communicate.
Getting Started Programming for the M1 - Set it up right the first time!

Fusion Firmware Upgrades Sept 2017 (Getting the Radio and Program to Communicate with each other again)
Programming the FT-1D via the SD Card
Programming the FT-2D via the SD Card
Programming the FT-3D using an SD Card
Programming the FT-5DR/DE using an SD Card
FTM-300 Programming with SD Card
FT-70DR Get Data using RT Systems program or Yaesu ADMS-10.
Programming the FTM-400 via the SD Card
FT-8800 Hypermemories and other programming suggestions.
FT-8900 Hypermemories

External Data Interface
The New Search Interface for RFinder

MacOS Programmers
Sorting channel details

Radio Programming Software for the TM-D710
The DStar Calculator in the KRS-D74 Programmer
The TS-2000 Memories and Menues

For the Visually Impared
Using the RT Systems Software with NVDA screen reader.

This video was produced by John, KA2HOI, and Dave, N2AAM, both hams who are visually impaired. They were so excited when they used the RT Systems programmer with the NVDA screen reader that they wanted everyone to know just how easy it is. The video may be a little difficult for a sighted person to watch; but, the narrative makes up for that with lots of great details. RT Systems thanks John and Dave for their help to get the word out about this ability of the programmers.