Ham Radio Programming Software

For over 23 years, RT Systems has produced radio programming software for all the top amateur radio manufacturers. Along with the most reliable software, RT Systems makes the best cables for programming and/or control. You may not know that the owners of RT Systems invented amateur radio programming in 1995 when Yaesu first announced that the FT-11 "cloned". We wondered if we could get it to talk to a computer instead of another radio.... we did, and the rest is history.

RT Systems provides a system that works! The system includes an RT Systems Programmer designed specifically for your radio (nothing extra to wade through) and an RT Systems USB cable that is designed to work with your radio and eliminate com port setup. The RT Systems Programmers are designed to help you complete details for memory channels by calculating offsets based on a standard band plan, making the correct tone option active so you set the value correctly for the radio to use, and giving you easy to use lists of settings for an option so you don't enter a wrong value. With links to repeater data from sources on the internet, you can have a list of repeaters for your area ready to use in your radio in just minutes. You just tell the system where you are and the information is retrieved for you automatically.

If you already have the correct RT Systems cable for the software, you can purchase and download the RT Systems Programmer for your radio and use it to program that new radio immediately. You can even copy and paste details from one RT Systems Programmer to another so the file for the new radio can be ready to go in minutes!

It's sooooo easy...

Skip the knob turns and button presses on the radio.

The Programmer brings ALL the features of the radio to the computer screen where they are easily managed.

See it done

Each Programmer is designed for a specific radio model.

You can program your radio without having to wade through options that don’t apply to your radio.

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About RT Systems

RT Systems has been at the forefront of amateur radio programming software since 1995 when we introduced the first radio programmer for the Yaesu FT-11.

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