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UV-5X Mate Programming Software

The BAO-5XMate program helps you set up memory details and othre menu settings of the Baofeng UV-5X Mate radio.

Easy to use spreadsheet design completes memory channel options automatically. No need to calculate offsets... tones are selected from easy drop down lists so you don't enter an incorrect value... names are typed into a field without having to turn a knob for each letter! Other set menu items are laid out in an easy to access and understand page where you can see all the options related to a feature you're setting up. RT Systems programmers make radio set up SOOOOOOOO easy!

We almost didn't do this one. It is a strange little radio. But you can be sure, the program works to help you get all you can from it.
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BAO-5xMate-USB  Programming Kit BAO-5xMate Programming Software and USB-K4Y cable for the UV-5xMate radio

Includes: BAO-5xMate Software and USB-K4Y Cable
Software - Program memories and other settings of the Baofeng UV-5xMate HT
Works with Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 8 and 8.1 (full version), or Windows 10

USB-K4Y Programming Cable - USB to 2-Pin mic jack connection by RT Systems

Price: $49.00
BAO-5xMate-U Programming Software Only BAO-5xMate Programming Software Only for the UV-5XMate HT

Includes: BAO-5XMate Programming Software
Software - Program memories and other settings of the Baofeng UV-5xMate radio
Works with Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 (full version), or Windows 10, 32 or 64 bit platform.
Works only with the RT Systems USB-K4Y cable as shown below.
Verify your cable is the one shown.
This is not the cable from the radio manufacturer.

Price: $25.00
USB-K4Y Programming Cable USB-K4Y Programming Cable

USB to 2-pin HT mic jack connection. 6' cable length.

Cable works with many radios.

Cable drivers available for Windows or Mac operating systems.

Price: $30.00