Testimonials for RT Systems

“I spent countless hours trying to program my Baofeng radio with their software and USB cable with no success. After purchasing a RT Systems cable and software kit everything worked great! It took more time for my computer to start up than it did to get the software and cable to work. Thank you so much.”

- KD0MDP in Peyton, Colorado

“As a programming professional, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the effort you folks have put into this great family of software.

I have spoken with other HAMs that have used other programming software, and the problems they have had, and I am so relieved that I have not experienced any of their problems. One poor fellow is now permanently locked out of using any programming software on his FT-857, Yikes! I guess you get what you pay for.

My favorite feature of your software is the ability to copy and paste from one radio to another. I have over 120 frequencies programed into my radios, and thanks to you, they are programmed consistently!

I should also mention that the one time I had to contact your tech support; my issue was resolved so well, I can't even remember all of the details.

73 and thanks again, for such a fine product.”

- AG6HQ in La Verne, California

“It took a little time to get used to the interface; but at 88 years of age, I had no trouble programming the radio. The fact that your program automatically loads the USB Drivers and assigns the Comport reduces many problems.

Your program was one of the best investments I have made in all my years in Ham Radio. I’m sure the cost of your program is offset by the hours others spend trying to get “free” programs to do what they want it to do.”

- WB8BTI in Napoleon, Ohio

“Having received my radio programming kit today, I was keen to give it a go. I set my PC as per the instructions and go straight on with the job of programming - very easy, very quick and easy to use. Many thanks. One VERY satisfied customer who will be back!”

- 2E0TGT in Exeter, Devon UK

“Learning that the USB-62 cable does both programming AND control with HRD just makes my week! This is one less cable I am hauling out in the woods and one less connection needed. Now I want to order more so that I can do away with the third party cables and utilize my RT cables.

The really cool thing about my investment in your products is the Customer Service. Every time I have had a question, issue, suggestion or inquiry, you all have been right there as if I was your only customer. That just affirms my choice in choosing RT Systems products.”

- W8QAS in Caneyville, Kentucky

“I got a new Kenwood TM-V71 today. It came with your programming software. I usually have many problems using such programs. Yours was SO SIMPLE that even I was able to make it work, a miracle as computers hate me. My compliments on a superb product. I will be recommending RT Systems to all my ham friends.”

- K4IIE in Augusta, Georgia

“When it comes to electronic stuff I’m a BIG Dork. I must have called RT Systems tech support seven or eight times with questions or asking for help. Customer Service and product quality are the two things that can make or break a company. The level of service provided by Domenic and Matt give will keep me coming back.”

- N8MHF in Glendale, California

“I have tried free software available elsewhere, and concluded that it is made for people who’d rather solve programming puzzles than get on the air.”

- WS7SAR in Placerville, California

“I am very impressed with RT Systems’ support and your programming package. I loaded the Drivers CD and then sent my programming data to the radio. The first attempt was successful. I will definitely be recommending RT Systems, Inc. software to my friends and hams.”

- W5LEO in Gulf Breeze, Florida

“Thank you for resolving my problem with accessing my re-install of ARRL's TravelPlus. It was gratifying to speak with a knowledgeable customer service technician that spoke English! Your explanations were complete and understandable. I never allow people access my computer unless I have confidence in the integrity of the person and company I’m dealing with. In our exchange, I felt very comfortable to grant you access. Thanks again for your help.”

- KJ4LZK in Wendell, North Carolina

“RT Systems software is really the best out there. I used it for my 2820H and FT350M and now for my Wouxun. The software that comes with the cheap Chinese radio is very limited. It is worth the extra money to buy the RT software and cable as it is totally intuitive and very, very easy. I will be recommending it to everyone, without doubt.”

- KZCYS in Elberon, New Jersey

“I have purchased several products from RT Systems, either directly from you or one of your dealers. After I ordered a new radio last night, the next thing I did was to order your corresponding software. I don’t know what the ‘included’ software does; but I already know that your Programmer will do it better, as it always does.

Many radios have a relatively steep learning curve and your software helps make it manageable AND backs up critical settings should the radio fail or its configuration gets corrupted. I can't imagine programming a radio with several hundred settings without it. This is my 4th purchase.

I work for a software company myself, and appreciate the value that your software provides on a consistent basis. It’s worth every penny! It just works, is hassle free and saves me a tremendous amount of time and frustration. You folks are awesome!!! Thank you.”

- AD0HI in Greeley, Colorado

“I got everything I needed and the app is running on my computer and talking to my radio. Just as everyone who reviews your software says.., very slick and it will be a fun challenge to see what it can do besides the obvious. Still, the 'obvious' alone is well worth the price of the software. Thank you for your support, including the unexpected telephone support call.”

- KH6IMB in Volcano, Hawaii

“I own many Alinco, Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu transceivers and receivers. I choose to buy RT Systems software for most of them because:

  • It works well, is easy to learn and they all work essentially the same.
  • It may be all that is available for certain units.
  • It may be better or offer more capability or features than what free software may offer.
  • It is supported and is continually developed.
  • RT Systems tech staff will answer questions and listen to requests.
  • It allows me to share files between radios, saving me considerable time, since I don’t have to rethink a memory scheme or do a lot of typing, and for me time is money.”

- KD7CAC in Scottsdale, Arizona

“I picked up 2 software/cable sets for my FT-7900 & FT-60 radios at AES Superfest. I installed the software and backed up both radios without any problems at all.

I wanted to rearrange around 150 memory locations, have the two radios match, along with some other things. Last night I took on this endeavor. After mapping out the memory locations on paper, I used your software to cut and paste the memories to their new locations. Now all my memory locations are grouped with related locations including gaps to allow new additions to be with their relatives. My memory banks are all correct, I have a backup if anything should go awry, and my two radios match as close as they are able.

It took me about 2 1/2 hours to get the FT-7900 in shape, and 20 minutes to do the FT-60. Copy and paste between radios is a very nice feature. Last nights project alone has saved me enough time to more than pay for the kits. The step by step instructions appearing on the screen when cloning is a very big help, nice touch.

I am not a computer savvy person, but I found your software easy to learn and use. Thank you for making my life a little easier. Good job to everyone at RT Systems.”

- KC9UZV in Geneva, Illinois

“I recently purchased your software to program my Yaesu mobile. The Programmer performed flawlessly, making a tedious job manageable and actually enjoyable. Thank you for a fantastic product; you are clearly a professional company. You can be proud.”

- WA3MDP in Bangor, Pennsylvania