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These great programmers now for Windows or Mac
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What our customers are saying about us . . .

"I had a local ham bring an Icom ID-50a over this past weekend to program. I downloaded the RT Software for the ID-50a and guess what? It worked beautifully! I had his programmer file from his ID-51a Plus (that he lost while riding Quads in Northern Michigan). Copy/Paste/Done! It was a beautiful thing!!"

- Terry, N8LN

“I purchased the programming software and cable for an Icom ID-880H, I'm most favorably impressed! As I'm sure you're aware, radios produced in the last 20 odd years have become ridiculously complex with all their memories and features. The 880H is no exception. I downloaded the software, viewed the videos, and finally selected a batch of frequencies from the RepeaterBook. Following the instructions, I was easily able to program my radio with no glitches on the first attempt. No hassle whatsoever! Thanks so much for your excellent products!"

- N8RKD in Arcadia, MI

“When it comes to electronic stuff I’m a BIG Dork. I must have called RT Systems tech support seven or eight times with questions or asking for help. Customer Service and product quality are the two things that can make or break a company. The level of service provided will keep me coming back.”

- K9RRX, Kalamazoo, MI

“Thank you all. I purchased the software as soon as it was ready. Radio now has all the same channels as every other radio in my collection with very little effort."


“I spent countless hours trying to program my Baofeng radio with their software and USB cable with no success. After purchasing a RT Systems cable and software kit everything worked great! It took more time for my computer to start up than it did to get the software and cable to work. Thank you so much.”

- KD0MDP in Peyton, Colorado

“Having received my radio programming kit today, I was keen to give it a go. I set my PC as per the instructions and go straight on with the job of programming - very easy, very quick and easy to use. Many thanks. One VERY satisfied customer who will be back!”

- 2E0TGT in Exeter, Devon UK

“I have tried free software available elsewhere, and concluded that it is made for people who’d rather solve programming puzzles than get on the air.”

- WS7SAR in Placerville, California

“I got everything I needed and the app is running on my computer and talking to my radio. Just as everyone who reviews your software says.., very slick and it will be a fun challenge to see what it can do besides the obvious. Still, the 'obvious' alone is well worth the price of the software. Thank you for your support, including the unexpected telephone support call.”

- KH6IMB in Volcano, Hawaii

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