System Requirements:
A PC running
Windows XP (SP3),
Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit),
Windows 8 or 8.1 (full version), Windows 10.

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It's sooooo easy...

Skip the knob turns and button presses on the radio.

The Programmer brings ALL the features of the radio to the computer screen where they are easily managed. See it done.

Each Programmer is designed for a specific radio model.

You can program your radio without having to wade through options that don’t apply to your radio.
Check radio models here.

When you purchase the software and cable together, you get a system that works!

Any question about data transfer between the radio and computer can be answered by our tech support team, without having to guess about unknown electronics.

Purchase directly from RT Systems or a dealer, see Dealer List for locations.

What’s New in Version 5.0

Installation without a CD

  • RT systems software installs from any media to any hard drive on your machine. No longer are you tied to installation from a CD or only to the C:\ drive.
  • Registration is required during installation and easily done via the Internet.
  • Not Internet connection on the machine you're installing on... no problem. Easily take information to another machine with your Internet connection, fill in the blanks and return with the final piece needed to complete installation.
  • No Internet connection in your shack at all... just call during business hours with your computer ready to complete the installation. We'll help you personally.

Programmers run separately

  • No longer are you confused by which program is open. Click the icon for a particular radio programmer and only that one opens.
  • You can run more than one at a time. They will appear on your screen in separate windows making it easier to tell which is which.
  • You can still copy and paste between the programmers... even those for different radios... even radios from different manufacturers with the RT Systems programmers for each installed.
  • A Version 4.5 file can be opened with the RT Systems Version 5 programmer for the same radio.


  • RT Systems Programmers are now available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.
  • Customize your Programmer with any font installed on your system without making a global change to your computer. Adjust font size for easier viewing!
  • Alternate row color for easier viewing across columns.
  • Set Memory Defaults for easier data entry into memory channels.
  • Hide columns you don’t use, or hide columns for printout.
  • Options for using multiple settings files.
  • Click here to learn more about using Preferences to customize your radio programming experience.

Links to External Data

  • More ways to get the data you want to program in your radio. Quick... Easy... Create a file in 4 mouse clicks!
  • ARRL Travel Plus.*
  • Radio Reference.**
  • Repeater Book.
  • RFinder Worldwide Data Base.**
  • Options for using multiple settings files.
* Separate Purchase. ** Subscription Required.

USB Cables No More Comport Setup!

  • RT Systems USB cables make it easier to transfer data between the radio and the computer.
  • Plug and go. Once the cable is attached, you’re ready to “Getting data from” or “Sending data to” the radio... without struggling to set up the comport!
  • See for yourself just how easy setting up your radio can be. Click Getting Started and relax as we show you how.

Open several files at once.

  • Files can be for the same or different radios (Version 4.50 Programmer for each radio required).
  • Different color tabs at the top of the screen let you see that several files are open. Simply click a tab to switch between the files.
  • Split the screen to see more than one file at once. Click here to see how easily this is done.

New Editing Features

  • Column editing with copy and paste. Change one. Copy it. Paste in the same column... once or repeatedly by highlighting several.
  • Move-up or Move-Down to rearrange the order of the channels.
  • Sort and Unsort.
  • Copy and paste one or many channels. Select all to copy. Select only one to paste. Copied channels are pasted beginning with the selected channel.
  • Copy within the same file or between files for different radios.
  • Learn more about Copy and Paste with this 10 minute tutorial.

Easily enter details for those Special radio functions.

  • Learn more about D-Star setup using the built-in D-Star Calculator. The D-Star Calculator is part of the RT Systems Programmer for many Icom D-Star Radios. Check the Icom page on our site for a complete list of these radios
  • Click D-Star Setup and relax as we show you.
  • Learn more about Hypermemories in the Yaesu FT-7800, FT-7900 and FT-8800 radios. Click Hypermemories and relax as we show you.

What our customers are saying about us...

“Thank you RT Systems for providing excellent software, cables and tech support. You are the first company that I’ve found in many, many years of buying ham radio items that actually takes the time with your tech support to insure that each customer’s questions are completely answered. On every occasion that I’ve called or emailed, your support was instant as well as complete. Many companies claim that they support their software and hardware, then say, ‘Your lack of knowledge of how to use your radio is not our problem’. By contrast, RT Systems asks ‘What radio are you using?’ and walks the customer through each step to get the job done, providing EXCELLENT SERVICE!”

- KD0ZK in Boynton Beach, FL

“I got a new Kenwood TM-V71 today. It came with your programming software. I usually have many problems using such programs. Yours was SO SIMPLE that even I was able to make it work, a miracle as computers hate me. My compliments on a superb product. I will be recommending RT Systems to all my ham friends.”

- K4IIE in Augusta, Georgia

“When it comes to electronic stuff I’m a BIG Dork. I must have called RT Systems tech support seven or eight times with questions or asking for help. Customer Service and product quality are the two things that can make or break a company. The level of service provided by Domenic and Matt give will keep me coming back.”

- N8MHF in Glendale, California

Programmers Available Through
RT Systems or Local Dealers

If you prefer working with a local dealer,
see Dealers for RT Systems Radio Programming Kits for locations.

Buy with confidence knowing that if you have questions about the Programmers,
RT Systems American based tech support is available to assist you. We’re hams
just like you, and are here to help you enjoy the hobby.

RT Systems Hamfest Schedule 2016

Thank you for visiting our web page. If a question is not answered or you experience
difficulties with this site, contact RT Systems. We look forward to helping you.

New Products

B-580T Programming Software and USB Cable
Price: $49.00
ATP-5189 Programming Software and USB cable
Price: $49.00
IC-7410 Programming Software and USB cable
Price: $35.00
UV-2501+220 Radio Programming Software and Cable
Price: $49.00
ATP-518 Programming Software and USB cable
Price: $49.00